Auction April Wooden Puzzles

Auction news: On the look out for a must-have mechanical puzzle? Well look no further. Puzzle Paradise has several new auction lots this month.

  1. Stand By Cube 1 by the French puzzle designer Gregory Benedetti.
  2. B-Box / Reactor by the USA craftsman and puzzle designer Eric Fuller.
  3. Estergon by the Turkish puzzle designer and craftsman Yavuz Demirhan.
  4. Burr in Cage by the Japanese puzzle designer Keiichiro Ishino, made by the French craftsman Maurice Vigouroux.
  5. Zig Zag 2 by the Belgium puzzle designer Alfons Eyckmans, made by the French craftsman Maurice Vigouroux.

“Why should things be easy to understand?”
― Thomas Pynchon.

Puzzle Paradise is a great auction site that provides a safe and reliable way to buy those rare, must have mechanical puzzle items that you seriously need online from local and international sources. At the website one registered you can watch auctions and be notified of newly listed auctions which contain keywords you have chosen. For example if you are looking for a new Burr Puzzle you could enter in those keywords from within your members area area. Each time a new auction is listed containing those keywords you will be notified via email. As with many other auction sites you can buy out puzzles, place a bid and contact sellers for more information before purchasing with PayPal.

Let the bidding begin!

Let us know below if you like the look of any of these or have won one – TheMetagrobologist

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