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Brian Young Mechanical Puzzles

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Brian Young (Mr Puzzle Australia) is a master puzzle designer and craftsman from Tamborine, in Queensland, Australia. He has been making high-quality, perplexing mechanical puzzles since 1993 and collecting puzzles since he was a young boy with a personal collection (approaching 5000 pieces) and is highly respected for his limited edition sequential discovery puzzles. Burrs are a personal favourite and he loves solving them.

Brian is a regular attendee of the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition, winning a top 10 vote in 2017 for his Jabberwocky puzzle box ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee‘, a first prize for his ‘Houdini’s Torture Cell‘ in 2012 and a Grand Prize in 2015 for ‘Big Ben‘ co-designed with John Moores and Junichi Yananose. In 2007 Brian and his wife Sue helped organise the 27th International Puzzle Party in the Gold Coast.

Brian annual releases a range of special, limited edition puzzles. The first was in 1993 with just 18 puzzles released. His ‘Katie Koala‘, ‘Opening Bat‘ puzzles sold out in just a couple of days. A superb example of one of his puzzles is the ‘SMS box‘ telephone puzzle, which is his hardest ever handcrafted sequential discovery puzzle. Only 130 puzzles will ever be made in this Limited Edition set.

Brian Young Information

For many year’s Brian held the world record for the maximum amount of moves to remove the first piece of a commercially-produced puzzle known as ‘Coming of Age Mk II’.

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Many of Brian Young’s puzzles, his current designs and an archive of all previously limited edition puzzles (a great source for collectors) can be found at

Brian Young Puzzles

Brian Young has produced some great puzzles, of which many are below (Please feel free to update on missing puzzles).

Alchemy A Plugged Well Big Ben**
Coming of Age MkII Fuji 1707* Houdini’s Torture Cell
Insoma IPP wooden Burr Katie Koala*
Saturn Ring SEARious Burr SMS Box*
Sputnik returns T-Burred*** The Blitz
The Collective The Gold Coast Parking Meter The Louvre
The Opening Bat Traffic Lights Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Washington Monument Whilemina the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

*TheMetagrobologist most wanted. Do you have a copy to sell/trade? Email or PM us on our Facebook Page.
** With John Moores and Juno Yananose
***With Grant Smith

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Washington Monument © Brian Young (Nick Baxter-BaxterWeb)

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