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Casino – A review of a puzzle by Volker Latussek


A review of Casino, an elegant packing puzzle by Dr Volker Latussek from Germany. Find out why you should own this puzzle.

Design and Copyright: Dr. Volker Latussek.
Craftsman/Manufacturer: Jakub Dvorak & Jaroslav Svejkovsky; Pelikan, from the Czech Republic.
Material: Oak and Maple.
Objective: Pack six discs into the box.
Type: Assembly – 3D Packing.

You have probably not failed to notice that TheMetagrobologist has a personal preference for packing puzzles and this month we were delighted to see a great looking puzzle for sale on the wonderful Pelikan Puzzles by Dr. Volker Latussek. We had heard great things about this puzzle having been a fan since we obtained another puzzle by the designer that was entered into the IPP37 Design Competition in Paris known as ‘Bastille.’ You can get that puzzle here.

Having been following the comments on social media with interest, we quickly headed over to a favoured haunt to grab this new packing puzzle. As usual, the exotic hardwoods and craftsmanship have been wonderfully implemented by Jakub and Jaroslav at Pelikan Puzzles and both the chips and box are gorgeously produced in Oak and Maple.

How difficult can it be to put six small discs into a box? Well, quite a bit actually. Goetz Schwandtner wrote a small testimonial on the product page explaining: “Dr Volker Latussek is known for elegant packing puzzles where you have to get (usually 6) identical pieces into a box (or remove them from a box), that just would not let you do it. When I got my hands on this latest great design, I could not resist and play the Casino.”

Loving packing puzzles we struggled with this appealing box for quite a while. I reckon it must have taken me well over an hour to come up with the solution! Finding the strategy and arrangement of placing the six discs into the box is really satisfying and another great aha! moment. When you finally work out the solution of the pieces so that they physically fit inside you will be very happy with yourself. we have been genuinely impressed with it on every level. So simple and so clever. Another puzzle we will enjoy sharing with non-puzzlers and students in lessons. Unfortunately, the Casino puzzle has sold out.

Link: N/A

Availability: The Casino is no longer available from the Pelikan store.

If you have searched for a puzzle and it is not yet found within TheMetagrobologist site, then feel free to email us with details, classification and any images with links to the source. We will of course credit you.

Availability: Add any links here.

Difficulty - 85%
Originality - 95%



A wonderful packing puzzle by Volker.

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