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Identical Twins Mechanical Puzzle

A review of a puzzle by Osanori Yamamoto

Identical Twins

A review of Identical Twins, a deceptively simple-looking mechanical puzzle designed by Osanori Yamamoto from Japan. Find out why you should own this puzzle.

Design and Copyright: Osanori Yamamoto.
Craftsman/Manufacturer: Jakub Dvorak & Jaroslav Svejkovsky; Pelikan, from the Czech Republic.
Material: Wenge and Apple tree.
Objective: Pack two congruent pieces in a frame.
Type: Assembly – 3D Packing.

‘Identical Twins’ is a deceptively simple-looking mechanical puzzle designed by Osanori Yamamoto that won the 2017 Puzzler’s Award at the IPP37 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition in Paris.

How difficult can it be to put two pieces in a frame?

The objective of the puzzle is simply fit the two identical pieces inside of the frame. Sounds simple as there are far fewer options for a correct assembly, however, this is simply not the case with this little challenging puzzle. At first, it seems that the two congruent pieces won’t fit, but as with a number of other Osanori Yamamoto puzzles, the pieces quite obviously require a number of rotations.

At the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2017 in Paris, TheMetagrobologist had the great fortune of playing with this simple looking puzzle on numerous occasions and it kept getting the better of us. Over the five days in Paris, we consistently went back to picking it up and attempting to solve it and immediately fell in love with it.

The puzzle has a wonderful Aha! moment once you identify the required rotations and the method of placing them successfully inside the frame. The Identical Twins is a challenging puzzle and we are loving Osanori Yamamoto puzzles more and more. A puzzle that wins the puzzler’s award is not to be ignored. Happily, we have a few others which we will get around to reviewing at some point in the near future and we know we are going to have to build some more shelves to house more of Osanori Yamamoto’s terrific brainteasers.

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 As with all of Jakub Dvořák and Jaroslav Švejkovský’s wooden mechanical puzzles from Pelikan Puzzles the level of craftsmanship is outstanding and it is lovingly manufactured we have no doubt from Wenge and Apple. Stunning! Sadly, Identical Twins is no longer available from the New Pelikan Workshop store.

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Difficulty - 95%
Originality - 95%


Incredibly difficult

A great rotational puzzle by Osanori.

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