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We’re continuously striving for more engaging content, and this area of the site has been set aside for featured interviews with some of the world’s most influential designers, visionaries, craftsmen and collectors. We want to explore their love of puzzles, skills, art, philosophy, inspiration and ideas.

TheMetagrobologist website and magazine is a special labour of love for us, and we are open to your interview ideas, and questions you’d like to be asked.

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Vesa Timonen Interview
Eric Fuller Interview
Robert Yarger Interview
Jerry Slocum Interview
Viktor Genel Interview
Dave Cooper Interview


This page has been created to act as a constantly updated, serious portal and directory to many of the world’s most popular mechanical blogs. What are Mechanical Puzzles, read our guide. If you have a blog and would like to be added to the list, provide a small biography and please get in touch. Want to write an article for the site? Get in touch.

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