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Jack Krijnen is an incredible Dutch craftsman and puzzle designer from the Netherlands who has produced many record-breaking and breathtaking puzzle designs.


News of events: If you have information on this puzzle craftsman, or images on variations of puzzles, please feel free to get in touch. Fascinated by the incredible puzzles of Jack Krijnen? We are delighted to present the enlightening tale of Jack Krijnen’s puzzle-making origins from a wine-rack to a cube. A great interview with Jack can also be found at Saul Symonds’s great blog Seeking Ariadne’s Thread


You can occasionally obtain Jack Krijnen puzzles from Puzzlewood or in an auction at PuzzleParadise.

Jack Krijnen Puzzles

A guide to the puzzles of Jack Krijnen.

Assembler’s Challenge Build a House* Burrly Sane
Burrserk* Century Coated Burr III improved
Rik-shaw* T-RIK-on T-RIK-ubus
Condor’s Peeper* Cube-16 Dancing Shoes Burr
Elevenses II Excelsior Framed!
Jack’s Dozen Janus I Jiminy Jack
Just The Three Level 5 Burr Set* Mary’s Pet
Pinhole Cube Pinhole Puzzle Power Tower (jointly with Goh Pit Khiam)
Quantum Entanglement Simplicity Sixy
Supernova Sweet Sixteen Ternary
The Cube Tipperary Tippy Go Round
The 36+ Twister 3×2 Twister 4×2

*TheMetagrobologist most wanted. Do you have a copy to sell/trade? Email or PM us on our Facebook Page.

This page has been created to act as a constantly updated, serious portal and directory to many of the world’s most popular, foremost and prolific mechanical puzzle designers and craftsmen.

If you are a craftsman or puzzle designer and would like to be added to the list, provide a small biography, display some new puzzle designs, news, or add new links or information for our readers please get in touch.

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Pinhole © Designer: Jack Krijnen

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