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Jon Keegan is a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the University Of Oklahoma. His thesis involves electromechanical system implementation and machine learning. He is a non-traditional student who had spent many years in the manufacturing sector before returning back to school.

Jon’s puzzling story started in 2014 when he purchased a puzzle from Will Strijbos, the All Cross, for a friends birthday gift. After admiring Wil’s creation he began reading many puzzling blogs about mechanical puzzles. The most interesting puzzles he came across were mechanical take-apart puzzles and sequential discovery puzzles. He is especially interested and admires the design/craftsmanship of machined metal puzzles.

This year 2018 Jon enrolled in a Design and Manufacturing Process class at University where his first puzzle idea was able to come to fruition. His first puzzle design was ‘The Tumbler’. This puzzle resembled Wil Strijbos’s cylinder puzzle but with some added internals to increase difficulty. He gifted this puzzle to close friends and they loved it! He was however not fully satisfied as he believed he could make it more difficult. From there he created ‘The Double Tumbler’, as seen at the IPP38 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition.

The gem of Jon’s creations so far has been ‘Jewel Thief’, a mechanical take-apart puzzle with a fun theme and some questionable movements. This puzzle had its debut at the IPP38 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition and was very well received. The Idea behind ‘Jewel Thief’ is to use the Brass Cipher Knob and Engraved Coded Message to find the combination for large Brass Brinks combination lock. From there Objective two is to free the Jewel Thief. When Jewel Thief is free, the puzzler gets a key to unlock a small brass lock expanding the puzzle letting the puzzler to view internals. Lastly, the puzzler must free the Jewel Thief’s Jewel from the Jewel Vault.


News of events: Jon has plans to only make 101 Jewel Thief puzzles. Tumbler and Double tumbler will be revolving production.
The first batch of 25 Jewel Thief, Tumbler and Double Tumbler will start in September.

Email: John


Website: To be presented.

Jon Keegan Puzzles

Double Tumbler* Jewel Thief*


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Jewel Thief by Jon Keegan © Nick Baxter (Baxterweb)

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