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Min Shih (Sywan-Min Shih) is an architect, engineer, enthusiastic puzzle collector and prolific puzzle designer and craftsman from Taiwan now working and living in California, USA. Fascinated by pentominoes he developed the Livecube Pentomino puzzle system (see below) and over the last decade has developed some incredible assembly, interlocking burrs and interlocking cubes with non-orthogonal movements.

Designer Information

Min Shih has filed for patents to protect a number of puzzle inventions and created the incredible LiveCube interlocking puzzle-building system consisting of small coloured cubes that can be joined to create larger assemblies. The LiveCube site (no longer available) included puzzle models, discussion areas for puzzle designers and educators, and a catalogue of puzzle components for purchase. If you have information on this puzzle craftsman, contact details or images to support this page please feel free to get in touch.

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Min Shih Puzzles

A guide to the puzzles of Min Shih. (Please feel free to update on missing puzzles).

Apex Hexad Aquila Hexad Aural Cross
Capped Cross Clutch Cross Diamond Puzzle
Double Cross Puzzle Gemini Cross Glide Hexad
Halberd Cross Hathocric T&G In & Out
Kinky Cross Latching Cube Latching Hexad
Lion-1 Lion-2 Lion-3
Livecube 5×5×5** Livecube 6×6×6 Livecube 10×10×10
Maverick Cross Min-1 Min-2
Min 333-1 Never Ending Puzzle NeXus Cube
Padlock Cube Paladin Cross Parallel Puzzle
Pyxis Hexad Safari Cross Sallet Cross
Six-cross Snail Ciao** Snow Flake
Snow Flake 60 TriBurr 1 Trinity Cross Puzzle
Tunneled Hexad Vised Cross VX Cross
Wreathe Cross 444 Interlocking Yellow 444 Interlocking Blue

*TheMetagrobologist most wanted. Do you have a copy to sell/trade? Email or PM us on our Facebook Page.
**Co-created with Guan S. Shih


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Livecube 5x5x5-1 by Shen-Guan & Sywan-Min Shih © Nick Baxter (Baxterweb)

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