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Minoru Abe is a puzzle designer and craftsman from Japan who is wildly recognised for designing and producing colourful and extremely difficult sliding block puzzles, many of which are deemed to be the most difficult sliding puzzles in the world.

Sliding block puzzles have remained popular since the 19th-century craze when Sam Loyd released his ’14-15 Puzzle’. Minoru Abe’s puzzles respect these old designs, however, his new sliding block puzzles are extremely creative and produced in very small quantities by craftsmen for eager collectors. Obtaining them can be difficult as they are mainly retailed by the puzzle shop Torito in Akihabara Japan, however many of us can be very fortunate and obtain the excellent puzzles from CU-Japan.

Minoru Abe Information

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Many of his puzzles are available from online seller Torito (which unfortunately does not ship outside of Japan) and Amazon.

Minoru Abe Puzzles

Minoru has produced some great puzzles, of which many are below (Please feel free to update on missing puzzles).

The Borg Cube
123 6-Sliding ABC
Angel and Demons Angel & Satan Block 10
Blue and Pink Boy & Dog Climb 12
Climb 15 Climb Pro 24 Crazy Q
Croc and Strandidyll Dog and Cat Easy?1989
Egg of Dinosaur Puzzle Four Colour Side by Side
Heart-In Hero2 Mad 12
Man & Woman Moota-Kun Neo 123
Neo B&W Panda Puzzle-ABC
Runaway II Sliding 8 Puzzle II Solo
Solo Another Slide-20 Slide-31
Trap Tricky? Two Bears

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Heart-In by Minoru Abe © Nick Baxter (BaxterWeb)

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