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Morris Bolt: A review of a puzzle by Ali Morris

Morris Bolt

A review of Morris Bolt, an unusual puzzle bolt by Ali Morris from the UK. Find out why you should own this puzzle.

Design and Copyright: Ali Morris.
Craftsman/Manufacturer: Ali Morris.
Material: Carbon steel.
Objective: Remove the bolt.
Type: Sequential Movement Puzzle.

At a puzzle meet in November 2015 (MPPXX) we had the great fortune of playing with a rather large carbon steel sequential bolt puzzle! We were given the bolt by a puzzle designer and collector known as Ali Morris after successfully solving an incredible puzzle lock by Shane Hales ( Ali past us the bolt after we discussed puzzles at his table and a number of small puzzle bolts we had enjoyed on the table of Stephen Miller, proprietor of Pyro Puzzles.

Taking the puzzle as a challenge, we proceeded to sit across the room with a mug of tea and started to quickly enjoy ourselves. The bolt itself is quite heavy and feel robust. It has a large nut attached firmly to the shaft which we were unable to turn and after we carefully inspected it. We quickly realised it was held in place by a small screw. A number of other puzzle designers/collectors such as Richard Gain from Microcubology enjoyed watching us struggle as we attempted to solve it this way and that. All the tools are in front of you Ali explained and then wandered off! Bah!

Finding the bolt’s secrets was a real aha! moment and we were genuinely impressed with it on every level. So simple and so clever. We then proceeded to immediately try others that we could see on the tables. Ali thank you, can’t wait for #2.

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Difficulty - 85%
Originality - 85%



A truly great puzzle by Ali.

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    1. Hi, I have forwarded your email to Ali Gareth.
      Fingers crossed, it is an amazing puzzle bolt. Check out our review for the Pyro Puzzle Bolt’s Nutty Bolt #1 and #2 next month.

  1. I would love to get on Ali’s email list also. I have been looking for a great bolt puzzle to add to my collection. Thanks

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