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Perry McDaniel in a highly respected puzzle box and mechanical puzzle designer and craftsman from the USA who produces puzzle box designs with ever more devious internal locking mechanisms in limited quantities. He started developing puzzle boxes in 1994, when puzzle designers Robert and Norman Sandfield, approached him with a commission to produce a puzzle box. Using his visualisation skills as an illustrator Perry developed the ‘Sandfield Joint Puzzle’ and a journey creating ever more complex and decorative joints and boxes. Perry recently worked alongside other designers on the Jabberwocky Puzzle Chest producing the ‘Rose Tree’.

Perry McDaniel Information

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Perry McDaniel Puzzles

Perry McDaniel has produced some great puzzles, of which many are below (Please feel free to update on missing puzzles).

Unlocked Drawer** Strawberry Very Short Cake Pineapple Down Side Over Cake
Hobbit Cake Hawaiian High Jinks Cake Rose Tree

*TheMetagrobologist most wanted. Do you have a copy to sell/trade? Email or PM us on our Facebook Page.
** With Kathleen Malcolmson.

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Sharpen your Wits by Perry McDaniel © Nick Baxter (BaxterWeb)

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