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Check out all of the very best Puzzle Retailers offering the finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles. If you have any questions or comments regarding this area of the site, and/or would like to have your site added to the page please contact the website editor and metagrobologist via the contact page.

Popular puzzle retailer of wooden puzzles by local craftsmen located in the suburbs of Lyon, in SE France.

Bits And Pieces
Bits And Pieces have been supplying millions of adults and kids alike with unique jigsaw puzzles, brain teaser puzzles and gift ideas since 1983.

Brainpuzzles owned by Seth Anderson carry the complete line of Tavern Puzzles and Elverson Puzzles. Tavern Puzzles are often called mechanical puzzles, Brain Teasers, metal puzzles, disentanglement puzzles or brain teasers.

Brilliant Puzzles
Brilliant Puzzles offers huge and continuously growing variety of high-quality Wooden Puzzles, Metal Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Puzzle Boxes, and Wooden Games, that will definitely be the center of the conversation at work or home.

Bruce Vinney Homemade Puzzles
Bruce Viney lives in Washington, England creating puzzles of his own design, and sometimes others. His website offers plans to create your own puzzles.

carrythewhat? replications produce open source designs printed using in-home 3D printers.
This website is fully devoted to the famous and quite unique Cast Puzzle series which is a specialty of Hanayama Toys Co., Ltd. Using a high quality metal cast technology makes every Cast Puzzle a true puzzle masterpiece enjoyable for every puzzle lover. The first Cast Puzzle in the series was released in 1983, and now it sells well over a million copies a year.

Channel Craft
Channel Craft has been manufacturing Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles that are “Quality Crafted” for over 30 years!

CMC Puzzles
German puzzle retailer who for produces limited run wood and metals puzzles.

The Crafty Puzzle Company
This company is a small family run business, and they can propose you a newly developed and unique range of decorative Collapsible Puzzles. These handmade, teak wood 3D logic puzzles for the whole family will test your IQ and lateral thinking and will sit proudly in your home or office. You’ll love to play them!

Creative crafthouse
Creative Crafthouse is a family business owned and run at Spring Hill, Florida, the USA by David & Gym Janelle. Since 2002 they have been committed to bringing some of the finest selection of quality wood handcrafted puzzles and games in the USA, at very reasonable prices.

Dbox is the puzzle of all puzzles! Built to challenge puzzlers of all ages and skill levels, Dbox is the only puzzle out there with endless possibilities.

Eureka Puzzles and Games
Eureka! is a store overflowing with treasures ranging from artful jigsaws to diabolical mind benders, clever games, to the ancient art of Japanese puzzle boxes.

Fiddl’ Widdit’s
Fiddl’ Widdit’s is a company, located in Sebastopol, CA, the USA that makes handmade traditional wire entanglement puzzles, generally from stainless steel or brass wire.

FoxMind continues to publish and distribute family and educational games internationally.

Fourier Idea
Fourier Idea is a company established in 2006 to develop new engineering and scientific ideas with artistic designs for physical puzzles and scientific toys.

Gemani Games and Puzzles
Siebenstein-Spiele is a German company that produces a range of board games and high-quality wooden mechanical puzzle designs of Jürgen Reiche.

Grand Illusions
Grand Illusions was formed in 1996 (old by Internet standards!) by Hendrik Ball and George Auckland. It was originally designed as a way of sharing their enthusiasm for various science-based phenomena, fun and games, and optical illusions, The websites toy expert Tim Rowett, has an amazing collection of over 20,000 toys.

Hanayama Puzzles UK
UK Magic and Hanayama Puzzle Site.

Hanayama Toys Co.,Ltd.
This company was founded by Naoyasu Hanayama in 1933, and now it is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of board games, toys, and puzzles for people of all ages. The company’s products are based on creative ideas, and have extra quality. The company’s philosophy is: “High quality at low prices.”

Hendrik Haak’s Puzzle Shop
Hendrik Haak is one of my favourite puzzle shops. Here you will be able to find many different puzzle types and limited editions from some of the world’s best puzzles designers.

Hikimi Puzzle – WP
It’s a website of one of the World’s most famous wooden puzzle manufacturers. This puzzle factory is situated in Hikimi, Japan, among the wonderful hills and forest. The website shows a big selection of modern and classic wooden puzzles they produce and sell, and a great selection of puzzle related links.

Hog Wild
Hog Wild is an online retailer of innovative novelty products typically geared to older kids (over 8) and that cross over to adults.

Izumiya, Inc
Izumiya, Inc produce a large range of traditional Japanese handicrafts unique to the Hakone area in Japan. Puzzle Boxes, Kumiki Puzzles, parquetry arts, and various special Yosegi-Zaiku products are made by their talented handicraftsmen.

Le Dindon
In 2003, Le Dindon was brought to life in the small town of Voiron, France. A small family business selling arrange of wooden and mechanical puzzles.

Livecube T.B.S. Inc. is the game design studio and manufacturer of award-winning educational toys. Specifically, they produce 2D & 3D puzzle game designed in an easy-to-learn and fun format.

Livewire Puzzles
Livewire Puzzles have been making and selling puzzles since 1979. They are a home-based business located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specialises in the production and sales of wire disentanglement puzzles.

Marbles: The Brain Store
Lindsay Gaskins and her brainy teammates started Marbles: The Brain Store with the simple idea of finding the best brain games out there and putting them all in one place.

Uwe Meffert is one of the leading Rotating Puzzle Inventors/makers in the world.

Monkey Pod Games
Monkey Pod Games states it is the home of sharpening the wits and training the mind. It offers a huge variety of wooden brainteasers, puzzles, and family games.

Incredible and unique puzzles by designer and craftsmen Jakub Dvořák Jaroslav & Švejkovský from the Czech Republic.

Pentangle Puzzles
This puzzle company makes and sells hand-crafted puzzles of high quality for over 35 years. The Pentangle puzzles make a vast collection of various puzzle types and are made of different, carefully selected materials. Also, Pentangle is the UK distributor for the popular EUREKA! 3D Puzzles from Belgium, and Hanayama’s wonderful Cast Puzzle line from Japan.

Puzzle store devoted to hand-crafted, brain-teasing creative puzzles.

Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master is a Canadian distributor of a large assortment of disentanglement puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaws, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs, chess sets, etc. founded by Allan Stein, a serious collector of wire puzzles.

Puzzleatomic presents pleasant recreational diversions in the soothing river of geometry, space and order.

Puzzle Box World
Puzzle Box World offer a website devoted to the sale of unique and collectable, traditional Japanese puzzle boxes, personal secret boxes and trick boxes from all around the world.

Puzzle game
German Puzzle games and mind-bending puzzle store.

Puzzle & Craft Factory
The Puzzle & Craft Factory is a family owned and operated business which produce a wide range of puzzles.

PuzzlesdeIngenio is an online shop based in Barcelona. Passionate about Brainteasers & Puzzles, they created an online store.

Puzzles Plus
Puzzles Plus is a Beavercreek, Ohio puzzle store near Dayton, Ohio, USA. They sell a wide range of Jigsaw Puzzles, brainteaser puzzles, games, and puzzle related books.

Puzzling Puzzles
Puzzling Puzzles established in 1991 is based in Queensland, Australia manufactures a large range of wooden and metal mechanical puzzles and creates some unique puzzles themselves.

Puzzle Research
French Puzzle site.

Rombol is a store with a wide range of puzzles.

Rafiki, Inc based in Bloomington, Indiana, USA is a website devoted to fanciful ramblings about symmetry and the genetic code and offers numerous toys and scientific tool puzzles with Plato’s Five Perfect Solids and geometry.

Revomaze is the website of puzzle designer Chris Pitt. It provides details on his Revomaze puzzle based on a revolving “Mind Maze” that requires dexterity, memory, endurance and self-control to unlock.

Serious Puzzles
Serious Puzzles boasts an impressive offering of 4,500+ jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers, money puzzles, puzzle boxes, and more!

Siam collection
Siam Collection is a collective manufacturer of intriguing wooden puzzles, mind benders and brainteasers from Chiang-Mai, Thailand.

Siebenstein Spiele
Gemani Games and Puzzles is a puzzle retailer that was started in 1991 by Roger Mustoe in the town of Gosport, Hampshire a county in Southern England. Gemini’s main outlets have been the Craft Shows that they attend all over the United Kingdom and it now offers Europe’s largest selection of Handmade Wooden Board and Table Games, Interlocking Mechanical Puzzles and Puzzle Cubes.

Sloyd is a Finnish company that manufactures and sells all kinds of puzzles, brain teasers and games from Vaasa, Finland.

Smart Egg
The official website of András Zagyvai’s Smart Egg puzzle.

Smart Games
Created in Belgium, SmartGames are an amazing international success story, becoming award-winning best-sellers in over 80 countries in just five years.

Smarter Puzzles
Australian distributor and retailer of the highest quality toys, puzzles and games.

Solve It
Solve It – Think Out of the Box offers a large selection of handcrafted Wooden Puzzles, Brain Teasers, 3D Wooden Puzzles, Metal Puzzles, String Puzzles, Kids Games and Wooden Games designed to stimulate minds in all ages!

Take me Home
Croatian craftsmanship and puzzle website.

Tavern Puzzle®Collection
Tucker-Jones House, Inc. is a family business, owned and operated by Dennis and Donna Sucilsky. Incorporating both traditional and original designs, the Tavern Puzzle® Collection produces puzzles that are reproductions of a type of puzzle traditionally forged by blacksmiths to amuse their friends at country taverns and inns.

Color Cube Sudoku-ThinkFun-TheMetagrobologistThis is the World leader in mind challenging games since 1985. Just to name some of them: SpinOut®, Brick by Brick®, Rush Hour® and its big family, Hoppers®, Leapin Lizards™, River Crossing™, IZZI®, Visual Brainstorms®, Galactic Takeover™, GridWorks™, and other modern puzzle classics.

Think Geek
Mechanical puzzle and gadget site.

Japanese Puzzle Box Studio
Unique Japanese puzzle boxes (Himitsu bake) by designer and retailer Hiroyuki Oka.

Tony Fisher’s Twisty Puzzle Store
The personal website of puzzle designer Tony Fisher who has been making puzzle transformations (mods) since 1981.

Torito Puzzle Shop
The fantastic Torito puzzle shop based in Tokyo, Japan sells a wide range of unique Japanese mechanical products from some of the best puzzle designers.

TwistyPuzzles aims to be the primary hub for the online twisty puzzles community.

Uncles Puzzles
Uncle Puzzles produce a range of high quality steel mechanical puzzles, Brain Teasers, metal puzzles, disentanglement puzzles.

World of Puzzles
Italian puzzle retailer who for more than twenty years has been creating wood and metals objects and puzzles.

The YOT puzzle
Hi-Q Products, Inc. designed and manufactured the Mechanical Yot Puzzle. The challenge is to remove the coin without power tools! It relies on a fundamental law of physics – can you solve the puzzle and open the YOT?

Puzzle Ring Retailers

The puzzle ring website of Jeff Bell.

Arcanum Designs Puzzle Ring website
Arcanum Designs is the largest manufacturer of puzzle rings in the United States, no need to shop anywhere else, go directly to the source for your next purchase.

Tami Uctuk, and her husband and business partner Ridvan Uctuk produce the largest and most diverse online retailer of Puzzle Rings.


This page has been created to act as a constantly updated, serious portal and directory to many of the world’s most popular puzzle retailers. If you have a shop and would like to be added to the list, provide a small biography and please get in touch.

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