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An Interview with Radek Micopulos

Radek Micopulos is a puzzle designer and expert on the Hedgehog puzzle, developed at the end of the nineteenth century by Clarence A Worrall. He is the founder of the popular page of JEŽCIVKLECI.cz and the production of the original Czech puzzles Rademic Puzzles.

He designs manufacture and sells a line of his own original metal and wood mechanical puzzles. Fantastic hand-made, traditional Czech puzzles. All of which are highly collectable.

The production Rademic Puzzles is named after its founder, Radek Micopulos. Radek designs not only the traditional Czech puzzles but also new interesting models. Our production is based on a high and precise engineering, since 2005.

In the year 2009, Rademic Puzzles came up with another classical Hedgehog in the Cage, which was considerably improved technically. The next realization of our production was JEŽIVAL ’66 in 2010, which was a new form of the original Czech puzzle from the year 1966. In 2011 the Hedgehog was specially modified for ŠKODA AUTO carmaker, and in 2012 a new revolutionary model GEN was created. The last act then the Hedgehog ORIGINAL, which is still the most credible implementation of Hedgehog ever created.

It’s always a pleasure to explore the thoughts of like-minded individuals, and Radek is another craftsman who embeds all of the qualities we love to explore in TheMetagrobologist. We are delighted to share an exclusive interview with Radek Micopulos, a man who creates fantastic futuristic mechanical puzzles and was kind enough to answer some of our questions about his puzzle making.

MTG: For those that don’t know about Rademic Puzzles, could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? When did you get interested in mechanical puzzles?

O hlavolamy se zajímám už od mládí, kdy mě zaujal především Ježek v kleci. V ČR byl totiž spojen s populárním mysteriózním románem Záhada hlavolamu. Od roku 2005 jsem začal navrhovat první prototypy. Celkem jsem zkonstruoval více než deset typů jedinečných hlavolamů. Jedná se o tradiční i moderní ježky v kleci, které dále rozvíjejí princip i design tohoto hlavolamu. Ve sbírce mám přibližně 120 kusů různých Ježků v kleci.

I have been interested in brain teasers since my youth when I was particularly interested in the hedgehog in the cage. In the Czech Republic, this puzzle was associated with the mystery novel “The Mystery of a puzzle”. Since 2005 I started designing the first prototypes. Overall, I have designed more than ten types of unique puzzles. These are traditional and modern hedgehogs in the cage, which further develop the principle and design of this puzzle. I have got about 120 pieces of different hedgehogs in a cage in my collection.

To read more look out for TheMetagrobologist Issue 6

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