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Rainer Popp

Rainer Popp is a German puzzle designer and undisputed master craftsman of high-quality, challenging trick/puzzle lock design manufactured with modern machine tools. He is a collector and restorer of old locks built before the end of 19th century and his new designs are eagerly anticipated by both puzzle and lock collectors around the globe.


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Rainer Popp Puzzles

The puzzles of Rainer Popp

Popplock T1 Popplock T2 Popplock T3
Popplock T4 Popplock T5 Popplock T6
Popplock T7 Popplock T8 Popplock T9
Popplock T10

** With Robert Yarger.


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Popplock T10 by Rainer Popp © Nick Baxter (Baxterweb)

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