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Real-life room escape games developed from the popularity of escape the room video games. Just as the player in the escape the room video game manages to escape by finding a way out from his surroundings, the players of a real-life room escape game have to make use of their power for critical exploration in order to escape by finding out the solution from their surroundings.

Unlike a mechanical puzzle, real-life room escape games require a participant to solve various puzzles within a stipulated time limit. Every puzzle which the players make use of leads them to other elements in the room and further clues. Many people get the inspiration for real-life room escape games from movies as well as adventure games.

Real-life room escape games in Europe

Real-life room escape games became popular in the USA as well as various countries in the Far East around 2010. Generally, local concepts and original themes make the base for these games. The range of themes is now vast. Players can find themselves shut up in a space station, an uninhabited Egyptian temple or in a prison cell with no obvious means of escape.

Permanent facilities for real-life room escape game at specific locations started to permanently appear for the first time in Europe. Later on, such facilities were introduced in Asia, Australia, and the US.


In the year 2006, a group of computer programmers in Silicon Valley succeeded in creating the first real-life room escape game. They named it “Origin”. In Hong Kong, the real-life room escape game was introduced for school students during their school camps. The makers of the games tried to make them highly challenging as well as mysterious. The works of famous writers like Agatha Christie also had been the inspirations for those who created these games. Permanent real-life room escape game places now attract a lot of tourists.

The exciting aspect of the real-life room escape games is that the players make use of their detective skills in an event that is a part scavenger hunt and part puzzle game. Many real-life room escape games now include a timer that places greater momentum on the players to work together to solve hidden puzzles to escape a locked themed room, before the timer runs out.

If you have the good fortune of visiting a themed room, you will undoubtedly find yourself facing a mechanical puzzle box, maybe even a disassembly puzzles that will reveal a clue when opened or solved. If not a mechanical puzzle, you may well come across logic puzzles involving recreational math or even ciphers and riddles.

Whatever the real-life room escape game you play, as a participant you will have to work together to try and solve these puzzles. They are the most ideal for those who have the passion for adventure games and those who enjoy solving tough puzzles within a limited time. They are growing more and more popular as a means of corporate team-building as well as an exciting fun activity for friends and family.

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