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Serious Collections

Jerry Slocum’s Puzzles Old and New
The Indiana University Lilly Library and the Digital Library Program presents the puzzle collection and online resource dedicated to world renown metagrobologist Jerry Slocum.

The Puzzle Museum
The Hordern-Dalgety Collection was started in 1886. The website and Puzzle Museum is home to the world’s finest collection of mechanical puzzles, from 320 BC to tomorrow’s prototypes.

Matti Linkola’s Puzzle Page
Matti Linkola is a puzzle lover, collector and enthusiast from Finland who has been making and collecting puzzles and other puzzle related material almost all his life.

Puzzleum Museum
German puzzle collection and museum.

Robert Stegmann Collection
Robert Stegmann is a serious collector of thousands of mechanical puzzles and his site provides his personal historical research, mathematical analysis, pointers to designers, craftspeople and vendors, and help with solving strategies.

Richard Whiting Collection
Richard Whiting is a serious puzzle collector/craftsman from New Hampshire. HIs website has information on his large collection including many puzzles handmade by Richard himself.

Jim Storer Puzzles
The personal puzzle collection and website of Jim Storer.

Geduldspiele’s Puzzle Collection
The personal puzzle collection and website of Andreas Schicks.

Judy Wyckoff’s Collection
Judy Wyckoff is a puzzle collector.

Extremely Puzzling
The personal page of mathematician, puzzle collector and designer Goetz Schwandtner.

Gisela’s Brainteasers
The personal page of puzzle collector and designer Gisela Wittingen, who has been collecting puzzles since the early eighties.

New Zealand’s First Puzzle Museum
Museum containing over 500 puzzles collected over a 50 year period some dating from 1890’s.

My Puzzles Page!
The personal page of puzzle collector Marcel Haas.

Martin Watson
The personal page of puzzle collector Martin Watson.

The personal page of puzzle collector John Childs.

A puzzling passion
The personal page of puzzle collector Michael Suodenjoki.

Social Media Links

Themetagrobologist Facebook
The Official Themetagrobologist Facebook Page.

Puzzle Collectors Community
A page dedicated to support auction announcements, sales and trades of collectable non-jigsaw puzzles, plus any other information of interest to the puzzle collecting community at large.

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