Taiwan Puzzle Community

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The Taiwan Puzzle Community

The Taiwan Puzzle Community (or TPC) is an annual gathering of Metagrobologists from Taichung.


The Taiwan Puzzle Community (TPC) recently held its first party on August 17th, 2015, however, the idea to organise this community was discussed by John Lin and some other puzzlers at the beginning of 2015. After several continual correspondences, it was decided that The Taiwan Puzzle Community would start its first puzzle party in Taichung, which is the main city located in central Taiwan, so that puzzler’s in both northern and southern Taiwan could easily join by travelling on HSR (high-speed railway) that takes less than one hour.

On August 17th, the first party was scheduled to be held with native attendees and also six invited guests from both Hong Kong and China, plus fifteen local puzzlers and two spouses. Most attendees brought their own puzzles for playing. The party time was between 9:30 a.m. ~ 17:00 p.m. so that everyone could have enough time to introduce themselves to each other as well as enjoying the puzzling with many different puzzles. Two attendees from Hong Kong, Ms.Roxanne Wong and Mr Otis Chen (though he works in Peking) brought many interesting puzzles which are seldom seen amongst local puzzlers.

The next day after TPC party was over, all invited guests visited Kaohsiung (which is a southern city in Taiwan) to John Lin’s home to review his puzzle collection. Arrangements were aMr made to visit the workshop of Mr K.Y. Wu. who was the first person to research and create 6PB Burr Puzzles over 30 years ago! Mr. K.Y. Wu. was the founder of the KPG (Kaohsiung Puzzle Group) 15 years ago. Below are examples of his work:

Kaohsiung Puzzle Group

All of the core members of TPC come from KPG. Based on the experience of holding their first puzzle party, the TPC believe they have a long way to go:

1. Most of the young puzzlers who attend specialise in Twisted Puzzles because these puzzles have been made
in China for quite a long time, and also comparative cheap for easy buying in Taiwan.

2. More famous designed Burr Puzzles are owned in limited quantity, mainly due to the postage costs are so expensive so that local puzzlers seldom have any in their collection.

3. Secret boxes or puzzles with precise metal work are also rare due to their high prices that are far too expensive for many puzzlers to own. Only a few of these type of puzzles were presented at the first TPC.

4. Most TPC puzzlers have obtained their puzzles from PuzzlerMaster, Brilliant Puzzles, Creative Craft House, Torito Japan, Puzzle-wood Germany and Oy Sloyd Ab etc.

5. The TPC believe the current attendees are only the tip of ice peak. There are still many potential young men who need more encouragement together with their step-by-step promotion to make the TPC more fruitful.

6. The TPC are looking to arrange the party once or twice a year (just like MPP) which will fall on winter/summer vacation when students are free. This subject is still under discussion.

A big thank you to Felix and John Lin for providing details and links.

* Read more about the event here: Blog of Puzzle extraordinaire Roxanne Wong.

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