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Tony Durham is a British journalist and puzzle designer. He is the designer of the deep cut corner twisty cube known as the Skewb, marketed by Uwe Mèffert.

When Uwe Mèffert originally started to produce it, it was called the Pyraminx Cube, but Douglas Hofstadter coined the name Skewb in his column in the Scientific American (July 1982). If you have information, or images to support this designer and puzzle craftsman page please feel free to get in touch.


News of events and references: Reference: Douglas R. Hofstadter, “METAMAGICAL THEMAS: Beyond Rubik’s Cube: spheres, pyramids, dodecahedrons and God knows what else,” Scientific American, vol. 247, #1, July 1982, pp. 16-31, esp. p. 20.


Some of this designer and craftsman’s puzzles are available at Puzzlemaster and at


A guide to the puzzles of Tony Durham.

Skewb Blank Blank


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