Wooden Puzzles August 2017

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New PuzzleMaster wooden puzzles

Quite a few exciting wooden puzzles this month on Puzzlemaster. First up is a new puzzle by designer and craftsman John Partridge who recently released a new limited edition mechanical puzzle machined from solid aluminum. The object of #808 is to figure out how to take it apart. It’s about 6.5 inches long, 1.25″ wide, and 0.75″ thick; it weighs a little less than half a pound. The top piece is black and the bottom piece is light grey. John has hand assembled the puzzle, engraved it with a serial number and his initials inside, and infilled the logo on the top piece with red ink. Also, there’s a token inside – a token of his appreciation and a reward for the successful puzzler.

The puzzle is machined from T6061 aluminum with a tolerance of +/- .002″ to get the correct fit and mating between pieces. The outer surfaces are bead-blasted to give a matte finish and then anodized to harden the surface and provide contrasting colors. The puzzle has a total production run of 106, so be quick to get it from his own Etsy store and PuzzleMaster by clicking on the image.

MechanicalPuzzle-Model 808-John Partridge-TheMetagrobologist

Invented by the talented puzzle inventor, Oskar Van Deventer, Puzzlemaster has also now released the Eight Track, one of the hardest puzzle ring that they sell. Puzzlemaster explains that it is easy to take apart but an extreme challenge to put it back together. You will definitely be hitting your head when trying to solve this puzzle.

MechanicalPuzzle-Puzzle-Ring-Eight Track-Oskar Van Deventer-TheMetagrobologist

At IPP 37 in Paris, Allan Stein presented a Jürgen Reiche, Siebenstein-Spiele puzzle as his exchange. The puzzle presented to exchange participants was La Luna, in which you have to remove the coin from a lunar puzzle. Puzzlemaster explains that the face in the moon seems to taunt you as you struggle to free the coin from this puzzle. Another great addition from Jürgen Reiche.

MechanicalPuzzle-Puzzle-La Luna-Siebenstein-Spiele-TheMetagrobologist

A puzzle that consists of only 3 pieces, has a very different fascination. Jürgen Reiche

New RDCreaDesign puzzles

This month also some new wooden puzzles additions to ETSY from RDCreaDesign including the terrific looking The Combs constructed from laser cut wood (MDF).

Wood-Puzzle-The Combs-RDCreaDesign-TheMetagrobologist

New WhimsyWoodShop puzzles

Also on Esty at the WhimsyWoodShop are some great looking Pentominoes constructed from four types of wood in the shapes of twelve animals including a Whale, Spider, Octopus, Turtle, Dachshund, Rabbit, Alligator, Bird, Elephant, Caterpillar, Snake, and a Squirrel. Lovely!


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