Wooden Puzzles September 2017

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New PuzzleMaster wooden puzzles

Puzzlemaster has just announced a range of new, exciting puzzles. First up is a great looking marble, maze puzzle known as the Q-BA-MAZE 2.0. The puzzle offers the unique ability to create maze sculptures in the form of animals, geometric shapes or any other designs. Looks like great fun.

MechanicalPuzzle-Q-BA-MAZE 2.0-TheMetagrobologist

Also new this month is a range of puzzles by the talented Russian designer Irina Novichkova that we are very keen to finally get hold of. First up is Bricks. The objective is to fit all 6 pieces into the frame so that the top is flush.

MechanicalPuzzle-Puzzle-Bricks-Irina Novichkova-TheMetagrobologist

Also by Irina Novichkova is Pythagorean Pants, Katarena (a puzzle created for IPP37 – International Puzzle Party, which was hosted in Paris, 2017), Delta, Gala Cube and Disobedient Particles.

MechanicalPuzzle-Pythagorean Pants-Irina Novichkova-TheMetagrobologist

MechanicalPuzzle-Katarena-Irina Novichkova-TheMetagrobologist

MechanicalPuzzle-Delta-Irina Novichkova-TheMetagrobologist

MechanicalPuzzle-Disobedient Particles-Irina Novichkova-TheMetagrobologist

MechanicalPuzzle-Gala Cube-Irina Novichkova-TheMetagrobologist

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